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Podcast Mini-series: Culture-Led Housing

A new podcast sponsored by the London Cultural Diversity Lab

Published onNov 13, 2023
Podcast Mini-series: Culture-Led Housing

“Asset Arrest: Culture-led Housing” is a new podcast mini-series supported by the London Cultural Diversity Lab, created, recorded and produced by artist Laura Yuile.

Go here to listen - new episodes will be added on release.

In Yuile’s definition, “culture-led housing” can be designed with the purpose of providing housing for artists or can be designed with artists for the purpose of housing a wider community. The podcast therefore explores a number of projects that have either been initiated by artists or cultural workers or have included them in a key factor or party in their development. Running throughout this exploration is the question of whether it is possible that culture-led housing projects can resist or even counteract the familiar processes of gentrification that unfold throughout our cities.

This mini-series is the latest iteration of her long-running podcast Asset Arrest, in which Yuile and a guest pose as prospective tenants or buyers to organise viewings of exclusive properties. Viewings then form the impetus for a discussion of the ongoing financialisation of housing and its impact on urban space and the very idea of ‘community’.

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